Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 358

“The Real Power of Transmutation, My Beloved Ones, is the Cosmic Law of Love and Forgiveness, which can gaze upon the mistakes of either the individual or the nation, and in the Authority of the Creative Word “I AM”, says:

“’I AM’ the Forgiveness of those mistakes! ‘I AM’ its Instantaneous Transmutation into the Victory of the Light for which I call! ‘I AM’ the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory which compels every mistake to be consumed, and its energy become the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory forever! ‘I AM’ the Cosmic Victory of that Directing Intelligence which never fails or makes a mistake! ‘I AM’ the Cosmic Guard of the Nation, which compels Her to arise Victorious in the Light! ‘I AM’ the Cosmic Victory in the feelings of the people of the Nation, which blazes the Light that makes Her Victorious over all that is of the shadows! ‘I AM’ the Victory of Cosmic Action in whatever intensity is necessary, to compel all physical conditions to change into the Divine Plan Fulfilled – Victory made manifest in Full Authority forever!”

If you spent as much time and energy each day acknowledging My Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory of Hundreds of Thousands of Centuries of Victory – the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory of Thousands of Suns, and the various Activities for which you have been calling; if your daily conversation were all the Acknowledgment of the Victory of Light, instead of the discussion of any political condition, My Dear Ones, your America would be victorious quickly!

With the amount of energy of human beings’ lives which has been spent since the election discussing the conditions in the Country that do not produce Perfection, you could have reversed the conditions in the management of your affairs. The Cosmic law demands that the acknowledgment of what you want, go forth with your conscious direction before the manifestation can be released.

Therefore, in acknowledging the Victory of Light in America, whenever there seems to be shadows, call for the Cosmic Flame of the Cosmic Victory of Light to descend and consume all that is not of the Light; and blaze there forever the Cosmic Light of Thousands of Suns, charged with Cosmic Victory forever.” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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