understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now you have been accustomed in the past in knowing that one nation, sending some of its inhabitants to some far-off land to colonize – and it holds possession of that land and operates it by its own people at a distance. Well, We aren’t sending Our Life Flames in here to colonize this world – not at all. But We can certainly establish an Individual Focus of a Sun Presence of Our Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory, which is Our Sacred Fire Mastery over all evil, and over the control of all manifestation. We can just as easily project that at a distance as you can throw a ball into the air and send it to your objective. But the ball simply drops and stays there, but it doesn’t change its qualities at all.

When We project a Flame from Our Temples of the Sacred Fire, that can go forth on a Light Beam, and be placed anywhere in the world that We choose to place It. We can make It visible or invisible. It can be an eternal part of the Earth. It can control the atmosphere. And more than that, the Force Field around the Sacred Fire that We project can control everything that comes within the radius of It. And the radius is determined by Us when We send It forth. So, We can change everything in this world by the Projection of the Sacred Fire.

But what We need is your Call to have this established permanently as an eternal part of the world, an eternal part of your government. This is what brings the Government from the Ascended Masters’ Octave into this world to be the Perfection of the Incoming Cycle, and to eventually give the Earth Its Ascension. The Nation first, and then the Earth!

The Angelic Host have tremendous Service to give to the people of this world. The New Cycle and Its Blessings – all of Its Blessings – will be created and established here by those of the Angelic Host who have taken the responsibility of creating and sustaining the new Cycle until Its Illumination has brought Perfection here for Eternity. Therefore, you are privileged to be the Vanguard, in making this Call, to start the Creation of Ascended Master Authority in the channels of government and business that have been heretofore held under the control of human authority – human control by the sinister force.

Now there is no battle between them and Us! When Our Sacred Fire moves in, they dissolve and cease to be; so, this isn’t a battle of authority – anything of the kind. And the Sacred Fire, which is Our Life, Our Consciousness, Our Power, Our Authority, Our Perfection of Manifestation and Action – when We establish that within certain activities of your government, your business, the outer activities of the people, when the Cosmic Law gives us the Dispensation to establish this Control, Sacred Fire Control of conditions in this world, then We move into action. And We can set that into action in the outer world conditions in some of the most amazing Manifestations of which mankind has never yet even dreamed.

This, to Me, is far better than destroying a civilization and letting millions of people go out of embodiment and desecrating the Powers of Nature, and then trying to build over again! This is the Divine Way and prevention of taking out of the clutches of the sinister force its way and means of controlling the action of mankind. And this is the only way that it can be done harmoniously and eternally!”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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