understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones of My Heart, tonight I bring you Assistance which I trust will make you very happy, give you more Power; and I hope you will watch with very great interest. We have offered Our Love, Our Gratitude, Our Power, Our Sacred Fire for your use. Beloved Ones, that of which I wish to speak tonight is, if you will call for the Sacred Fire Presence, the Luminous Sacred Fire Presence of any one of the Angelic Host or the Ascended Masters – who are the Angelic Host – to be anchored within every position of trust, authority, and influence in your Land, you will find, if you’ll ask Us to establish this as an eternal part of the portion of the Earth wherever these Activities take place – if you will request It, the Cosmic Law will fulfill your request if you demand It in the Name of the “Beloved I AM Presence”, and in the Name of the Purification and Freedom of all Life in this world forever.

Every Ascended Master, My Dear Ones, can create a Replica of Himself in the Substance from the Ascended Masters’ Octave, and the Sacred Fire of His Love, His Life, and His Qualities, or a Special Command that the Ascended Masters – who are willing to give this Assistance – draw in and around every activity of mankind’s governing the controlling presence of outer world conditions.

This will be just as powerful a way to hold control in those activities, and protect and make victorious what is constructive, as well as to consume that which is not constructive. And you will find It is just as powerful an Activity within the Nation as you have within this room when you turn on these electric lights, and they flood their light into the room; and that light enables those within the room to do that which is constructive.

The same thing is true in every activity of the outer world where control is needed over the people and the conditions in which mankind abides. We have not brought this to your attention before because a similar thing has been done everywhere people have accepted a constructive activity as a mass thought form – to which they give attention and recognize as present.

This has taken place in all your Healing Shrines of the world. Where those Shrines are dedicated to one or more of the Divine Beings whose Healing Power assists the people of Earth, these Activities have been drawn and concentrated and projected to be established to give that special Service to Life for which mankind has called, which mankind requires, and which mankind has received, and therefore has become a Blessing to the Life in this world.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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