isis unveiled, vol 2: chapter iv (gnostic ophites)

“Fetahil, who is the reflection of his father, Lord Abatur, the third life – as the elder Sophia is also the third emanation – is the “newest-man”. Perceiving his fruitless attempts to create a perfect material world, the “Spiritus” calls to one of her progeny, the Karabtanos – Ilda-Baoth – who is without sense or judgment, (“blind matter’), to unite himself with her to create something definite out of this confused, (turbulentos), matter, which task she is enabled to achieve only after having produced from this union with Karabtanos, the seven stellars. Like the six sons or genii of the Gnostic Ilda-Baoth, they then frame the material world.

The same story is repeated over again in Sophia-Achamoth. Delegated by her purely spiritual parent, the elder Sophia, to create the world of visible forms, she descended into chaos, and overpowered by the emanation of matter, lost her way. Still ambitious to create a world of matter of her own, she busied herself hovering to and fro about the dark abyss, and imparted life and motion to the inert elements, until she became so hopelessly entangled in matter that, like Fetahil, she is represented sitting immersed in mud, and unable to extricate herself from it; until, by the contact of matter itself, she produces the Creator of the material world.

He is the Demiurgus, called by the Ophites Ilda-Baoth, and, as we will directly show, the parent of the Jewish God in the opinion of some sects, and held by others to be the “Lord God” Himself. It is at this point of the kabalistic-gnostic cosmogony that begins the Mosaic Bible. Having accepted the Jewish Old Testament as their standard, no wonder that the Christians were forced by the exceptional position in which they were placed through their own ignorance, to make the best of it.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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