Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 353

“When you call this Activity forth around individuals who might be tremendously stubborn, or who have some vicious creation around them, you could call the Cosmic Force of the Light of Thousands of Suns, the Cosmic Force of the Violet Consuming Flame, or the Unfed Flame as of a Thousand Suns, to draw all that energy within the Unfed Flame or the Violet Flame – just as if Arms of Violet Flame reached out and held control of that energy and purified it. 

These are Mighty Activities of the Light! They are God Activities of the Life Stream of every individual; and until mankind are taught to control the feeling at the solar plexus, you can decree until you are a million years old, and you will not reach Mastery until that energy at the solar plexus is held quiet and purified – and you cannot do that in argument! You cannot do it in nervous conversation! You cannot do it if irritation and distress flare at the slightest provocation!

We have explained this, many times. We have spoken, nobody knows how many Words, to convey this to the “I AM” Student Body. The Statement of the Law has been made time and time and time again; and yet when desire of a certain pressure of feeling surges within the solar plexus, and you want to do something, some of you would do it if you blew the Earth to pieces the next minute! When that surge gets great enough, the outer self does not care what that pressure does.

That is why Saint Germain said to this Messenger in the beginning, “The human ungoverned is more vicious than the animal in the jungle”, because the animal would kill the body for food; but these individuals tear themselves to pieces, and go out and tear others to pieces, besides spoiling the Harmony of that which is in the world around them.

So, the first duty of the “I AM” Student is to hold absolute control of all irritated feeling within his or her solar plexus. The moment it starts, seize it, and say: “No! You don’t ever again go out of me! Go into the Violet Consuming Flame and be thou no more! Thou shalt not torment Life longer!” 

Then call to the Elohim of Peace to clothe you in His Mantle of Golden Flame and hold His Arms about you, and He will come and give you Victory! It can be done! The Ascended Masters have all done it in the past. You must do it before your Freedom is attained; and you can do it best for yourselves, by giving this Assistance to all the rest of mankind wherever you move.” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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