understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now you were, long ago, offered the Opportunity to have a Violet Flame Angel ever willing to fulfill your Calls – whenever you accepted the Presence of that Being with you. We have mentioned this before, and I bring It to your attention again. When you individualized from the Great Central Sun, and Angel of the “Presence” accompanied your Life Stream into embodiment, and has stood guard over your Life Stream – and will stand guard over the Life Stream in embodiment, and between embodiments, until the Life Stream either Ascends or passes through the second death. This is how much Life provides Protection for the individual who has Free Will.

In addition to that Angel that never leaves you – unless you become wholly destructive – in addition to that, anything that you wish to bring into Manifestation, any Service you wish to render to Life, can always be brought into existence, protected, expanded, and carried forth to Victorious Fulfillment by Legions of the Angelic Host whom the Ascended Masters send to surround the Activity, to hold it protected until you bring it to its victorious accomplishment.

This is the continual Service the Great Cosmic Law sets into Action to help every individual who will make Conscious Effort to hold to the Highest, maintain the Harmony and the Purity within, and stand Guard over all that is constructive.

These Magnificent Activities of Life are Perfect beyond any of your words to describe. And so We want you, when there seems a lack of understanding in those you contact in the outer world as to who the Angels are, and what They can do to help mankind – illumine individuals as much as they can accept from time to time by Our Explanation of the Law. Use the Ascended Masters’ Words to explain the Activity of the Angelic Host, and you will find They contain a Radiation that is the Comprehending Consciousness that frees the individual.

From tonight, if you care to pour forth not only your desire, but your Call and your Command that the people of the United States of America, and every other country from whence you come, can and must understand the Fiery Truth of the Reality, the Assistance, the Protection, and the Sacred Fire Presence of the Angelic Host in the physical world at this time – to do that which only the Angelic Host can do, and which is the God Power brought here to keep the hordes of evil from accomplishing their destruction of that which is within your Land, or that which is constructive anywhere in the world. You dare to make that Call, and We will prove Our Presence by the Blessing We give and the conditions that We will control.

This world was not created to be desecrated and destroyed by mankind’s unfortunate human creation. These Magnificent Activities of Life’s Perfection are Power without limit. And now is the time when you need Power in the physical octave to be the Authority over that which will not serve the constructive way of Life at this time. And the Angelic Host are the Power provided, and I am here to release It. (applause). Thank you so much, Precious Ones.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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