isis unveiled, vol 2: chapter iv (gnostic ophites)

“Though he is termed the “Primitive Man”, Ennoia, who is like the Egyptian Pymander, the “Power of the Thought Divine”, the first intelligible manifestation of the Divine Spirit in material form, he is like the “Only-Begotten” Son of the “Unknown Father”, of all other nations. He is the emblem of the first appearance of the Divine Presence in his own works of creation, tangible and visible, and therefore comprehensible.
The mystery-God, or the ever-unrevealed Deity fecundates through His will Bythos, the unfathomable and infinite depth that exists in silence, (Sige), and darkness, (for our intellect), and that represents the abstract idea of all nature, the ever-producing Cosmos.

As neither the male nor female principle, blended into the idea of a double-sexed Deity in ancient conceptions, could be comprehended by an ordinary human intellect, the theology of every people had to create for its religion a Logos, or manifested word, in some shape or other. With the Ophites and other Gnostics who took their models direct from more ancient originals, the unrevealed Bythos and her male counterpart produce Ennoia, and the three in their turn produced Sophia, thus completing the Tetraktys, which will emanate Christos, the very essence of the Father Spirit.

As the unrevealed One, or concealed Logos in its latent state, he has existed from all eternity in the Arba-Il, the metaphysical abstraction; therefore, he is ONE with all others as a unity, the latter, (including all), being indifferently termed Ennoia, Sige, (silence), Bythos, etcetera.
As the revealed one, he is Androgyne, Christos, and Sophia, (Divine Wisdom), who descend into the man Jesus. Both Father and Son are shown by Irenaeus to have loved the beauty, (formam), of the primitive woman, who is Bythos – Depth – as well as Sophia, and as having produced conjointly Ophis and Sophia, (double-sexed unity again), male and female wisdom, one being considered as the unrevealed Holy Spirit, or elder Sophia – the Pneuma – the intellectual “Mother of all things”; the other the revealed one, or Ophis, typifying divine wisdom fallen into matter, or God-man – Jesus, whom the Gnostic Ophites represented by the serpent, (Ophis).

Fecundated by the Divine Light of the Father and Son, the highest spirit and Ennoia, Sophia produces in her turn two other emanations – one perfect Christos, the second imperfect Sophia-Achamoth, from hakhamoth, (simple wisdom), who becomes the mediatrix between the intellectual and material worlds. Christos was the mediator and guide between God, (the higher), and everything spiritual in man; Achamoth – the younger Sophia – held the same duty between the “Primitive man”, Ennoia and matter. What was mysteriously meant by the general term, Christos, we have just explained.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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