understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“From tonight, Blessed Ones, in the midst of the chaos of the outer world’s frightful impurity, We would deeply appreciate your Acknowledgment of the Power Flame of the Angelic Host, because the Angelic Host are Invincible, Eternal Purity. And as you ask this Flame, or acknowledge Its Presence, It will grow and grow and grow in and around you and shed Its Blessing and Its Raising Activity to all you contact. And you become a Sun Presence in the darkness of mankind’s hate, and that hate will be consumed by the Light of the Sacred Fire Power of Our Love.

So, Blessed Ones, the hour is approaching when mankind is going to have to be awakened. It is going to have to be purified. It is going to have to give Obedience if it is to be Free. But you who have come this far in the Light can have many Powers to use from now on as you acknowledge the Power of the Angelic Host.

And now one more thing – I will not keep you very long. There is another Activity you may have, and I’m sure will be very easy for you to use and will bring some amazing results. The Messenger has constantly reminded you of the Power of holding a Picture, the visualizing of that which you desire. Now since the Great Creative Word of the Universe, “I AM”, contains such Power of the Energy of Life, God in Action, God Energy in Action, every time you speak It, if you will hold the Picture of It as Living Flame – Gold and Violet and Blue and Pink – ever enfolding whatever you wish to see controlled. The habit set in the consciousness as you hold this Picture will draw to you very much more rapid Fulfillment of your Calls. And the more you see It in Living Flame, the more you will learn what the Sacred Fire is – and the Power of Life that it is your privilege to use.

So, I trust you may go forward. Just experiment with this in the greatest joy and happiness and relaxation of quietly contemplating It; and let It do Its Perfect Work for you in yourselves – and in and around all where you call It forth – until one day that Living, Flaming Presence of the Word “I AM” stands in the atmosphere of Earth. And Its Sacred Fire Power, revealed to the sight of mankind, will burn within the memory of Life Its Eternal Privilege of attaining Perfection, manifesting Freedom, and revealing the Mastery that Love has designed from the beginning of manifestation, and will continue unto Infinity, unto Eternity, unto all.

“Great Presence”, the “Beloved Mighty I AM”, shed Thy Radiance to these, the Beloved of the Light. Reveal that Word “I AM” in Living Flame; and let the Power Flame of the Love of the Angelic Host clothe these, the Beloved of the Light, and all under this Radiation, with the Power of Our Realm of Life – with Its Great Revealing Presence; and raise and raise and raise all into that Greater Perfection that forever brings Joy everywhere for Eternity. Thank you.

May the Angelic Host attend you; and you remember you are One with Us, and Our Realm of Life forever pours to you Its Boundless Blessings. May you forever and forever and forever be the Mastery of Our Love to Life and the Victory of Our Freedom from the Realms of Eternal Perfection. Thank you with all My Heart.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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