understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You are coming to a time, Beloved “I AM” Students of Beloved Saint Germain’s Family of Freedom, you are coming to a time when your Power will be increased; and the Angelic Host will be the Outpouring of the Sacred Fire Love which increases your Power. But it will take your Acknowledgment also – from within – as your desire to be this Power Flame. It takes your action from within, and Ours from around you and through you, to bring this Power into your outer use in a much more tangible way than you’ve ever had It thus far. And as you do this, you will be able to teach mankind more about the Angelic Host – which individuals need to learn, that they may have Freedom more quickly.

Now there are Infinite Legions of the Angelic Host. You have Angels of the Violet Flame whose Purifying Love consumes mankind’s frightful creations. You have the Angels of Protection. You have the Angels of Healing. You have Legions of Angels of Illumination. You have Angels of Music, Angels of Inspiration, Angels of such Love as no words can ever convey – Angels of Light whose Light is so bright, that which is of the sinister force can never look in Its Direction. These are the Magnificent Realms of the God Power of Perfection of Life, the Great “God Presence” of the “Mighty I AM”. Mankind needs to learn about the Angelic Host, needs to know the Reality and Power which the Angelic Host wield. And it would be well if more individuals understood the Reality and the Purpose of the Angelic Host’s Existence throughout Infinity.

Part of the Illumination which is to come to the masses of the people can come through you if you begin to give Us this Acknowledgment: “‘I AM’ the Power Flame of the Great Angelic Host.” That carries Illumination within It, carries Wisdom, carries Love and Power, carries many, many Gifts that the Angelic Host bestow. Your Power Flame can become the Healing of the nations. Or your Acknowledgment of the Power Flame of the Angelic Host become the Healing Presence wherever you abide to help life be free from distress.

So, this one Acknowledgment will open a vast vista to you of the Powers of Life, the Powers of the Angelic Host, and the great Opportunities that lie before you to exert your Mastery, and become the “Presence” that controls conditions wherever you abide, and raises all you contact into greater and greater Perfection by a Love that mankind needs to understand; but as yet, of which it is totally ignorant.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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