understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“So now if you want to prove the Truth of My Words, contemplate Us in the midst of your daily work. You don’t need to go woodgathering or sit in the corner or anything of the kind, but in the midst of your activity. For just the fraction of a second you can send your Flame of Love from your Heart – the feeling of Love from your Heart – to the Angelic Host, and thank Them for Their Love to this world. And if you recognize Their Love, more will come into you. One day you will be like Them, and then you’ll understand how much mankind needs Their Love.

So Precious Ones, when you begin to use the Cosmic Sun Presence of the Power Flame of the Angelic Host’s Mighty Love to Life, you will learn what Love is. The Supreme Power of the Universe, the Source that gives all, the Great Treasure House that contains all, is the Supreme Miracle Love of the Universe. And so when you want to use the Power Flame of the Great Miracle Activities of the Angelic Host’s Love, Illumination will come; and many, many, many things will be revealed to you that are self-explanatory.

And now, because of a Service We wish to give, We would appreciate it greatly if you would call forth the Cosmic Sun Presence of the Power Flame of the Angelic Host’s Mighty Healing Activity to the people of this Land – or to any nation from whence you come. The reason for that is, the healing activities must be purified, and new activities come forth to release mankind from the hypnotic suggestion that is constantly destroying the Temple of Life. We want to increase healing to the people, but the Healing Angels must be given recognition. The Call must come forth to Us before the Cosmic Law permits Us to release the Greater Power, that will heal the minds and bodies of the people more quickly.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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