understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You may wonder why, with all Our Magnificent Powers in existence, why mankind doesn’t know more about Us – why individuals doubt the Reality of the Angelic Host. Answer Me this question: How much time out of a day does the average person think about the Angels? You go downtown to your office or your employment. And you give your employer eight hours a day of your energy, of your time, and the use of your mind and your body to do the service for which you are employed. And when your attention is on the things of the outer world, you forget completely that the Divine Beings exist. So during those hours you are not living in Their World. They do not exist for you during the time that you forget Them. And yet They are ever radiating Their Love into the atmosphere of Earth – and God help the world if They did not!

What think you would be the condition of the atmosphere of Earth, what think you would be the condition of the Powers of Nature and the Forces of the Elements if the Angelic Host did not constantly pour the Purifying Love of the Sacred Fire to consume mankind’s frightful evil? How great do you think has been the discord in the past that could make the distorted conditions of the outer world?

Do you not see then, that unless mankind’s attention is returned again and again to the remembrance of these Beings, to the remembrance of the Ascended Host, to the acknowledgment and remembrance of the Blessings of the Angelic Host – the Healing Angels, the Protecting Angels, the Illumining Angels – unless mankind’s attention is called to these Great Beings again and again and again, the door is open very little for Their Assistance to come in by conscious recognition. And if individuals were a thousandth part as much concerned about receiving the Angelic Host and letting Their Blessings fill the physical world as individuals today are concerned with the radio and the TV, you’d have a World of Masters instead of a world of trouble.

Just notice how many hours of a day the humanity of this world keep their attention on the things that enslave and destroy them and desecrate the Blessings they desire. Now you must have some kind of an idea how much mankind’s attention needs to be called to the Angelic Host. Just imagine what would be your experience if you contemplated the Angelic Host for one whole hour. What do you think We could do for you? Most of the time, mankind only thinks of Us when individuals are in trouble; and then We’re immediately forgotten as soon as the pathway is easy again. We’d like to reverse a little of that and be with you when the path is easy. (laughter). It’s more enjoyable – for you and Us both!”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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