Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 338

“Do you know the Moment when Ascensions take place from this Earth, since It is the Victory of those Life Streams, each one automatically becomes One of My Legions of Victory! Every Ascended Being – all who have ascended from this Earth – the moment each one becomes the Victory of the Ascension, also becomes One of My Legions of Victory to the Earth!  Do you remember Me saying to you, “You are My Friends of Light and ‘I AM’ your Victory”? Now perhaps you understand a little better when I said those Words, what I meant; and why they still stand as the Offer of My Freedom and My Victory to you, through your own Acknowledgment of My Presence.

“I AM” your Friend of Light! You are My Victory! If I clothe you in the Cosmic Flame of Love from My Heart – or rather when, because there is no “if” to Me – when I clothe you in the Flame of Victory from My Heart, when I clothe you in the Flame of Victory from the Planet Venus, when I clothe you in My Legions of Victory of the Angelic Host, when I clothe you with the same Mighty Cosmic Flame of Love and Victory from everyone who is Ascending from this Earth – then you are My Victory, because the Flame of each Life Stream whom I have called to assist you, has come forth at My Command! Therefore, “I AM” here and “I AM” there, “I AM” Cosmic Victory everywhere I call It forth! This morning I call It forth for you.

In your Acknowledgment of My Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory and the Powers of Cosmic Victory which I draw from whatever Source I choose, you can hourly send Wave after Wave after Wave of Expanding Victory and Cosmic Power of Light, into the outer conditions of the physical world; and holding within the Flame of My Cosmic Victory, you move forward Its Presence in action!

Hold the energy at your solar plexus harmonious and positive. Keep calling these Cosmic Flames into Action; and We shall enfold you in whatever is required to make you Victorious over everything in the physical world, until that hour when you become Ascended and Free! Just so do We hold the Nation in that same Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory; but We must hold It through the people of this Nation, because it is their Free Will by which the Nation is governed, either Victoriously or otherwise.” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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