understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Blessed Ones, I could go on all night and take you into the Secrets of My World of the Angelic Host; but I think you better not have too much at one time. But if you will use what I’ve explained, if you will love It in and around yourselves, if you will enjoy It, and give It the thrill of greater success, then every time We come, We’ll expand the Wave; and again, you’ll have more Power for greater success. So Blessed Ones, try to feel that you are going to associate now – consciously – with those Great Beings in whose Being and World there is naught but the Love of the “Mighty I AM Presence” unto Life.

To enter into the Heart of Love from the Heart of the Central Sun means your Mastery, means your Victory, and means your Freedom from interference and delay and the shadows of human distress. Your distress will fade out as the Guarding Flame comes in. Your Strength and your Power to attain your Victory will grow in leaps and bounds, and you will always be accompanied by a Being of the Sacred Fire who stands ready to give you whatever Love you require to make you Victorious.

May you feel that Enfolding Flame of Their Love as a Mantle of Protection and Power and go forward and use It to the Attainment of your Freedom. And the Victory of that Sacred Fire holds Its Dominion over everything in this world for Eternity. This is what it means to acknowledge that you are the Fiery Heart of God. And the Angelic Host’s Guarding Flame accompanies you wherever you go, and It is the Power that forever sets you Free. May you go forward and feel It, and use It, and be It, until you give It to all without limit for Eternity. Thank you so much.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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