understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Will you excuse My Enthusiasm if I wax enthusiastic about the Beings of My Realm and the Gifts which therein abide. You know, when We have so much of the Glory and Blessings and Powers and Gifts of Life that God has bestowed upon those who will give Obedience, We watch every opportunity and seek every opening possible to help bring those Gifts into the physical conditions of this world, that you may know how We live; and this world be transmuted into Our Octave of Perfection.

When We see mankind struggling under the lack and limitation of human desire, sometimes it is difficult to turn away and just let them have more time – until they are not content to live in the limitation of their own ideas and feeling about Life. We could show you vast Accomplishment, vast Realms of Beauty and Perfection and Power Indescribable. We could take you to Heights of Accomplishment that are so magnificent that as you return to your physical world, there would almost be a rebellion within you against coming back here.

So, We cannot take you to those Heights of Perfection until that hour when human desire in this world no longer exists for you. If you will desire the Presence of the Angelic Host and you will desire the greater Powers and Eternal Perfection of your “Mighty I AM Presence” in action, in the physical world, We can give you more of Our Gifts, more of Our Power. And more of Our Legions of the Angelic Host can come closer into the physical affairs of mankind and abide with you until the Transmutation takes place, that lifts your world into greater Freedom and greater Perfection.

The Beings of My Realm are ever awaiting an opportunity to bless you; and as They give you Their Blessing, They open the Way for Me to give greater Blessing to the world. So, if you will consider yourselves Children, may I say, in the Family of the Angelic Host, I trust Our Qualities and Our Powers may become more victoriously acting in you, and therefore make you carry to the rest of the world more of the Perfection of Our Realm.

And surely, My Loved Ones, the world needs It! The world needs Our Perfection, I assure you. And when your own individual affairs seem to lack that which you would like to have, remember, Our World is ready to give Its Blessing, to make your world like Ours.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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