understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Whenever you are using the Violet Consuming Flame in and around yourselves, the Angels of the Violet Flame are in attendance around you, until the work for which you call is complete. They come at the Call of your own Higher Mental Body whenever you move into action through your Decrees and ask for the Release of these Greater Powers to help life.

If you are calling for supply, as you hold the Picture of the Fulfillment of your Call, one or more of the Angelic Host would stand enfolding you in the Wings of Golden Flame and the Green Flame – and outside of that the Blue Flame for Protection. So, if you will understand the Inner Action of these Magnificent Powers of Life and the Reality of these Magnificent Beings, you will make much more rapid progress; and your Decrees will bring you Their Blessings much more quickly.

Whenever the Healing Rays are called forth or you ask for the Healing Flame to enfold an individual, one of the Healing Angels always abides in and around the one who is to be healed. If you could see, My Loved Ones, the Assistance that the Great Beings – the Cosmic Beings – offer mankind through every conceivable channel that will help, your Heart would burst with love and gratitude and devotion to those Magnificent Beings of God that are always ready and are always pouring the Assistance of Their Love, wherever They will be received.

So, in accomplishing that which is the Fulfillment of your Calls for the Nation, there must come Legions of the Angelic Host to blaze the various Activities of the Sacred Fire into very definite channels, until the change is brought about that fulfills the Great Divine Plan and Destiny of your Land.

The atmosphere of Earth, My Loved Ones, contains with it many, many things of which mankind know absolutely nothing. There are elements in the atmosphere of Earth; there are Beings in the atmosphere of Earth; there are conditions and manifestations in the atmosphere of Earth provided by the Cosmic Law to ever glorify the “Beloved I AM Presence” and the Ascended Host, with the Boundless Blessings which Life bestows, and which are ever waiting an opportunity and opening through which They may come into outer physical manifestation in this world.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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