understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now in using the greater Powers of Life which come from the Higher Mental Body or can enfold you from any of the Ascended Host, there must come greater Protection about you, and greater safety in the use of those Powers. And the Angelic Host are the greater Protection and the greater Safety which the Great Cosmic Law of Life provides while you are using those Powers.

For instance, supposing the Power of Precipitation, direct from the Universal, were required in some emergency. While you were drawing that Power and your Higher Mental Body was concentrating It through the physical self for your outer use, you would have to be enfolded in the Wings of Flame from one or more of the Angels of the Violet Flame and the Blue Flame – to hold Purity around you so that that which is required in the outer to perform a certain Service could form perfectly, and release into your outer use that which would bring you Victory and Perfection. And also, there would surround you the Angels of the Blue Flame to keep you insulated and invisible while the Power of Precipitation was acting in and around whatever you require to bring forth. And so it is with the Power of Healing. So it is with the Power of Purity.

Wherever these Activities of the Sacred Fire are needed by mankind in order to transmute and purify and change conditions in physical manifestation, there must come these Activities of the Sacred Fire and of the Angelic Host, in order to produce these manifestations that transmute conditions and set Life Streams Free.

So, since that is part of My Service to Life, to not only clear the way and consume that which is wrong, but also to bring the Gifts of the Powers of Life that mankind may have greater Freedom to produce greater Perfection. So it is imperative that there come more conscious cooperation, more conscious awareness, and more conscious love from unascended beings to the Angelic Host.

You see, there is a certain awareness in Life to some degree, an acceptance of the Angels; but so many people think They’re either imaginary Beings or that They’re just someone’s hallucination. What I wish to convey to you today is the full Conscious Knowledge, Feeling, Love, and Acceptance of Their Presence with you, if you will. (applause). Thank you, Beloved Ones.

Now the more you can be aware of their Presence, the more Power They can draw in and around you, and the more Service They can give to Life. The more you can remember that every time you call forth the Sacred Fire, a Being of the Angelic Host comes to guard that Gift of God for which you call. So, in holding the Picture of the fulfillment of your Calls, I would appreciate it greatly if you would also hold the Picture of those Angelic Host, who are Guardians of the Sacred Fire’s Activity that you require.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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