understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones of the Mighty Saint Germain’s Family, I wish to extend to you today the Love, the Gratitude, and every Assistance possible from the Angelic Host and the Ascended Host, in your Service and effort to hold to the Light in the midst of the outer world’s chaos and darkness, and in order to help you understand more clearly the Assistance which We give. I know it will bring to you the greater Power and greater Happiness of your loving cooperation with Us.

I wish to make it clear today that there is never any Activity of the Sacred Fire brought forth into the physical conditions of this world that is not accompanied by one or more of the Angelic Host – to hold the concentration and Protection about that Sacred Fire until whatever is to be accomplished is finished.

Therefore, in the Calls you have sent forth for the various Activities of the Sacred Fire to come into outer physical conditions, there have been Legions of Angels – and the Cherubim and Seraphim – Legions that have held in concentrated Action, the Sacred Fire that has been released at your Calls. Therefore, I want you to feel that the Angelic Host are ever with you, closer than you understand, and more Powerful by far than any of the unascended mankind of this world can comprehend.

Since the Angelic Host are the Guardians of all Activities of the Sacred Fire, then They must be present whenever this Sacred Fire is called into action to purify or protect that which is constructive. So will you, from today, be more aware of Their Presence with you whenever you make the Call for any Activity of the Sacred Fire to come into you or your world, or to assist mankind or your Nation to Freedom. If you will be more aware of the closeness of the Angelic Host, They not only can release greater Power into you and your world, but I assure you, will bring you greater Blessing.

Since the Messenger was here last week – I mean in the week just past – the Angels of the Violet Flame have not left her for an instant. And I want you to be as continuously aware of Their Presence with you. Be aware of Them sometime each day in the things you’re doing in the outer world, in order to give Them recognition and acceptance of Their Presence with you powerfully enough to let Them give you Their greater Gifts.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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