Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 325

“As you call the Greater Power of Light and Energy from the “Presence” into action, It must flow through your physical body. While the Messenger has around him his own Tube of Light, yet My Tube of Light always supersedes his during the time I am talking to you! Now then, if he had been having irritable, disturbed feelings before I did this, he would be subject to the Power which I wield in My Tube of Light and Its Intensification. Therefore, do you not see, that unless his feeling world was at perfect Peace and he held the Harmony, I would not dare drop My Tube of Light about him while I am talking to you, because I would intensify any quality too much. You see why there is the imperative necessity for the self-governing action in your feelings.

These are Great and Mighty Laws, Dear Students. Do you not understand by this time, that you are dealing with Law, the Law of your Life, everyone’s Life, and not the opinions of these Beloved Messengers? They are stating Eternal Laws to you. I am now stating the Eternal Laws of Life, and they are no one’s opinion. Do you see the difference between a human opinion and that which We know to be the Law of Life?

The Messenger was covering tremendous grounds in calling your attention to these qualities of action. That is why it is useless to keep calling – and I should really use the words “almost fatal” – to keep calling for Greater Energy, Light, and Power, if you will not use self-control to govern your feelings, because whatever discordant feeling is within you, will be intensified a thousandfold, according to the intensity of your nature.

These are vital things. You are dealing with the Laws of Life – definitely and clearly all about you! That is why, Dear Ones, don’t feel unkindly to the Messengers when with so great a Love and such dynamic Power they assert these Truths to you, to break through the human element and qualifications which may be there. They do it so you may have the Blessing.

Don’t blame these kindly, precious people. We are the Ones who are giving this “I AM” Knowledge, this Great Wisdom; and everyone should be interested in It, since It is the Law of everyone’s Life. It is the same Law by which We attained Our Freedom; and this Law of the “Mighty I AM” is the identical, the same Law and Application which all Ascended Beings who exist, had to use to free Themselves.” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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