understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We are ever ready to pour the Love that sets you Free if you will use the Authority of your “Mighty I AM Presence”, and the Miracle Authority of the Angelic Host to come into conditions of the physical world that must be held in God’s Service, if mankind is to be helped. Things in the outer world that are constructive must be held in God’s Service, if mankind are to be Free.

Therefore, when you call the Miracle Authority which “I AM”, and the Victory of the Angelic Host into those conditions, you will set aside that which has sought to oppose the constructive way of Life and the Attainment and Fulfillment of the Divine Plan that gives greater Blessing to all wherever you abide.

So I shall, may I say, establish a Guard by which the Angelic Host may come at any moment as you send your love and gratitude to Them. And They will, wherever you allow Them to come through – through your recognition, They will leave in your world the Flame of Love which is My Authority of the Angelic Host to take Its Dominion in and around you, to assist you, to set you Free, to protect you, and to help you serve the Beloved Saint Germain in a very much more powerful, tangible, wonderful way.

Just feel that while the Archangels are very busy with Cosmic conditions, Cosmic Assistance to the Earth, the Angelic Host are ever-present, ever ready, and all-powerfully able to release Their Love and hold Its Victory in and around you in the Fulfillment of your call. When you learn to love Them as I do, when you understand what Their Love can do for you, you will never forget Them again, not for one day! You will never forget Their Presence with you. And if you don’t forget Them, They cannot forget you. May you feel the Power of the Love from Their Hearts; and know that when that clothes you in Its Sacred Fire, that Authority is in Command, and will take you to Victory without reservation.

I want you to feel It tonight. I want you to feel the Victory of the Love of the Angelic Host and ask that It forever abide with you in that Miracle Authority which forever sets life free wherever you call It forth. May you feel It. May Its Flame become visible. May you be protected by Its Power. May you use It without limit until your cooperation with the Angelic Host will draw in and around you always all you will ever require, and give Them a chance to act in the physical world to fulfill the Great Divine Plan as We intend.

May you feel Their Closeness with you after tonight, and ask Their Boundless Legions to purify and guard your city; and once again, may the Glorifying Temple to the Angels pour forth Its Music in Praise and Adoration and Gratitude for their Assistance to Life. I commend you to the enjoyment of the Association of new Friends, that will be with you forever. Thank you.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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