understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Mankind! O Mankind! Awaken tonight to the Divine Beings who hold Their hands out to you for Assistance, who have poured Love through the ages, who stand awaiting the opportunity to consume like a scroll in the Heavens, the unfortunate creation that selfishness has imposed upon God’s Universe. We would appreciate a Decree that would compel mankind to awaken to the Reality of the Angelic Host, to the understanding of Their Service, and to some gratitude to that Divine Life that has blessed them – and always blesses them so greatly from the Octaves above.

There are uncountable Legions of Angels whose Love would make you weep with Joy were you to see Their Approach at your Call. So often mankind have thought the Guardian Angels were only for children, and it just happens that all mankind are children.

So, since it is My Privilege to wield certain Authority in the awakening of mankind to that which the Angelic Host are about to do, I am pleading for My Friends. I trust you will accept Them as your Friends! (applause – audience rising). Thank you, Precious Ones. Won’t you be seated, please, and just remain so.

I will not take much more of your time; but I wish to remind you that only recently I brought to the attention of the “I AM” Youth at the Conclave, My Desire to have you call the Miracle Authority – which “I AM” to the Earth – of the Angelic Host, to come into your outer use. Call It into physical conditions, that We may set aside the human authority that has usurped that which belongs to God.

I offered at the Conclave, the use of My Miracle Authority; and I say to you tonight, It’s My Miracle Authority of the Angelic Host in Cosmic Action which I ask you to charge into physical conditions, that that which the human has usurped may be set aside, and that which is Eternal in the Victory of God’s Love may take Its Divinely Appointed Place in physical conditions, and bring about the Divine Order that brings Happiness to all.

I might just as well tell you tonight – you might just as well be prepared for it; all of Us who will come to give these Dictations in the future will consciously and continuously and all-powerfully keep returning your attention to the use of the Victory of the Miracle Love from your “Presence” and from Us. We are all concentrating on this at this time, and We want you to recognize It as the Sacred Fire from Our Octave that enters into the atmosphere of your world, to be the Authority over the human discord that tries to envelop the Nation in its shadows.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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