understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Sometimes, you know, it takes a great deal of Patience for us to wait upon wayward humanity year after year – after they’ve been given the Pearls of Existence on a golden platter – just wait until they get through following their own experiment with misery. I am speaking of this tonight because the Conscious Understanding of what the Angelic Host do to assist mankind must come to the intellect of human beings who are intelligent enough to understand It.

If I were you who abide within this city, I certainly would not let the day go by that I did not give love and gratitude and recognition to all of the Angelic Host who have ministered here in the past, who guard your Destiny of the future, and who abide with you in the present. These are Friends to Life!

The Angelic Host are Guardians of Good. They are the Masters and the Victorious Presence of Love – Love that mankind understands as yet very little of its Blessing to Life. And all of that waiting, waiting, waiting for recognition, for acceptance, for use, and for your Call, that It may come into physical conditions and manifest Its Control and Transmuting Love to raise those conditions into the Perfection of Our Octave.

Beloved Ones, when you realize how wonderful these Great Beings are, and how many Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings – and those of the Angelic Host – are ever ministering to the people of this world, and ever awaiting an opening and an opportunity to give only the Blessings that bring Happiness to all; yet mankind go on oblivious of Their Divine Presence, simply because their attention is occupied with their own desire.

I am drawing forth from within you the latent memory of the Reality of the Angelic Host and of some of Their Blessings that you have received in the centuries past. There isn’t a one in this room tonight who hasn’t in the past had some conscious contact with the Angelic Host, through which was received Divine Assistance of Transcendent Power.

Now I would be very grateful if you would call for the Authority of the Angelic Host, in the Miracle Love which They send to this Earth, to charge forth into the desires of the feeling world of mankind, and see if We cannot awaken the Eternal, Divine Desire within the feeling world to become like the Angels.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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