understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now what is the requirement of Life? Now what is the Law and Its Cosmic Demand upon you to produce Perfection here? Do you not see where the Power is? The Power is in the Sacred Fire of Love that is the Perfection of Life from the Great Central Sun, because on the moment that Love can produce – in physical form – whatever substance It requires.

And if you just have physical money and physical gold, it won’t do that for you. It couldn’t suddenly become food for you if there were no food on the planet. It couldn’t become a roof over your head if you couldn’t transmute it into something – trade it for something else. But this Flame of Love of which I speak can become anything on the instant that you require in the physical world.

Therefore, you do need this Flame of Love. And since the world is taking its Initiation in Love – I mean the Great Immortal Purity and Peace of Cosmic Christ Love from the Great Central Sun – then what you’re going to require in the future is the Conscious Concentration of this Flame of Our Love which the Angelic Host alone bring forth. And that, you will find, will be supply of everything. Within that Pure Divine Love of the “Mighty I AM Presence” in the Great Central Sun, is the Supply and the All of everything to create whole Systems of Worlds.

Do you think you could lack if you fill your world with that Flame? Do you think you can lack if you demand that your business affairs be the Immortal Victory of the Angelic Host’s Eternal Love? How could you lack, how could you fail, how could you become discouraged or doubt or fear or feel uncertain if Their Great Flame of Love abides with you?

You don’t know the Power of Love, My Dear Ones. If you did, you would never allow anything else in your world. And if there is something else in your world which is not that Love, you are all-authority to order it out tonight, and replace it by the Immortal Victorious Love of the Great Angelic Host – to bring to you the supply of everything, to become for you the release of all you’ll ever require, to fulfill the Great Divine Plan.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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