understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now you might think it impossible that the Angelic Host could get into the business world, (laughter), but it’s not so impossible. Whenever anyone does anything constructive in those channels and requires Protection against that which is destructive, it’s absolutely imperative for an Angel of Protection – whose Authority of Love blazes Its Power of the Sacred Fire – to come and stand the Guard around the individual and his or her actions, in order to allow that which is constructive to be accomplished. So, if you don’t have the Angelic Host acknowledged, accepted, and allowed to draw Their Sacred Fire of Eternal Love into your business activities, you don’t have any constructive activities in those channels.

May I say to you tonight, and I ask you to command your outer selves to realize, that if you understand me tonight, My Words are of more importance to you than all the gold on the Earth. I don’t believe anyone would have any trouble keeping awake if I suddenly held here before you great quantities of gold. If you saw it coming out of the atmosphere, there wouldn’t be a sleepy person in the room, I’m sure of it! (laughter). And why do you suppose that idea of gold and wealth has such a hypnotic control over the feeling and the attention of the outer self? Because the outer self thinks it’s going to get everything it wants if it has a lot of gold or a lot of money. And that again is simply the suggestion of the human.

If you had all the Power or Activities of the Sacred Fire of this Immortal Love of the Angelic Host in your outer affairs that your Higher Mental Body wants you to have there, you wouldn’t have anything but Perfection. That Sacred Fire could become for you on the moment, the physical manifestation of anything you would require to produce Perfection and fulfill the Divine Plan.

I want you to begin to realize that this Immortal Flame of Cosmic Love of which I speak is the Great Wealth of all Creation. There is the Source of Wealth. There is the Source of Immortal Power. There is the Victory of the “Mighty I AM Presence Supreme”, because without that Flame of Love from the Angelic Host that guards all that is constructive on this planet, you would not even have a world.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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