understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Blessed Ones, tonight I offer you the Master Presence of the Power Flame of the Angelic Host’s Purifying Sacred Fire Love that is enough to dissolve and consume the hordes of evil, the sinister force, the human creation that has been generated in this world and that has destroyed and desecrated the many Gifts that Love has given. Now Love must take Command of Its own, and those who will abide within It and dwell with Us, will have Our Mastery surrounding them for survival and control in the midst of the destructive conditions the hordes of evil have generated. And I assure you, where We come to hold Protection, the hordes of evil will never abide! (applause). Thank you so much.

Now I have one more thing to say. There is no substitute for the Sacred Fire Love’s Eternal Purity. All the intellectual consciousness in existence in mankind isn’t a feather in a gust of wind, compared to one Wave of Love from the Angelic Host that can cleanse the Earth in one Flash! What think you is the intellect of man unless it is the servant of the Love of the Heart, and obedient to the Cosmic Law which is embodied in Cosmic Beings who are that Love of Eternal Perfection?

So, when We wrap you in the Angelic Host’s Miracle Mantle of the Sacred Fire Love’s Victory over all in this world, It’s no figment of anybody’s imagination. It’s a very Visible, Tangible Presence, and is Unconquerable Power! If you will accept It, We will give It. If you will use It, Its Power will expand around you! And if you want Our Protection, We will be present with you, and you can see Us – visible with you the physical sight and tangible – whenever you make the Call for the annihilation of all human obstruction within, and all human obstruction in the atmosphere about you. Then Our Presence will be with you wherever you want Us. May you remember this, and may We come quickly and show you that which is forever your Freedom.

May the Mightiest Power of the Angelic Host’s Purifying Love flash Its Flame everywhere in this city, everywhere in this Nation, everywhere in this world and its atmosphere, until the hordes of evil have been compelled to cease existence everywhere forever! And We shall never stop until that’s accomplished. (applause). Thank you so much.

We enfold you in the Victory Power of Our Love and Its Blazing Presence that is a Light so Bright, no human creation can exist for any reason whatsoever. Our Miracle Mantle of Love’s Mastery is with you always; and in that Love We can come and forever raise you to the Great Perfection, and the Power and the Victory and the Mastery which We are, everywhere throughout Creation for Eternity. Thank you with all My Heart.”

The Great Cosmic Angel

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