understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When mankind, masses of people, do not want the Love, the Purity, the Happiness, and the Freedom which We are and which We bring, there only lies ahead suffering, destruction, and torture. Those of you who know this Law do not need to go through those experiences. If you should want to dispose of your problems or the mistakes you’ve made in the past, did it ever occur to you that Our Sacred Fire Purifying Love is the Annihilator and Preventor of all problems?

Don’t you understand that when you have human creation to deal with, and then the Cosmic Law of the Universe provides the Sacred Fire’s Purifying Love to produce Perfection, then if there is something wrong here, then this Sacred Fire Purity must come here and consume it and replace it by Perfection! And if people will not understand it or will not do it, then there is nothing but torture ahead until they will.

The Cosmic Law is Master regardless of who believes It or accepts It, or not. Nobody breaks the Law! Individuals break themselves by disobedience to It, and all the denial on the Earth by all mankind can’t take Us out of existence! (applause). Thank you so much.

The darkness which has engulfed mankind, and which has been generated by mankind contains nothing in it but torture and destruction and confusion. Until every particle of Life in existence turns to the “Beloved I AM Presence” and the Ascended Host, until the attention of Life goes to the Greater Life which is the Light of Love’s Perfection; then if it will not turn to the Light, it will be destroyed by the darkness.

Beloved Ones, We come to redeem mankind. We come to bring Hope to those who are trying to hold to the constructive way of Life at this time. But We’ll give no quarter to that which denies Us or defies Us or does not want Us. When individuals – whether it be one individual or many – want the Visible, Tangible Presence of the Angelic Host’s Purifying Sacred Fire Love to come in and handle every condition in existence that mankind has generated; when individuals want that, the Great Cosmic Law is such that We have to give It.

Your Blessed Saint Germain as Angel Deva of the Violet Flame has given and given and given the Love of that Violet Consuming Flame to harmoniously purify everything in existence. If mankind will understand It and use It; and remember, when you ask for Purification by the Violet Consuming Flame or Fiery Christ Blue Lightning Power or Force or Action, It is Love that purifies. That is the Gift of Love. That is the Mastery by which Love owns the Universe and is Master of Manifestation and is the Controller of every bit of energy in infinite space, and the mankind of this world is under the Control of that Law, just the same as the Cosmic Suns throughout Creation.”

The Great Cosmic Angel

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