understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Mankind’s ingratitude for the Love and the Blessings We have poured to this world – which most human beings take for granted – is the thing that has prevented the Illumination coming to the intellect, by which the individual could hold to the constructive way of Life long enough to gain the Freedom and Victory of the Ascension.

But what think you is the Action of the Cosmic Law when We who stand ready to consume mankind’s frightful human creation, the frightful evil forces that are on this Earth; and We beg and beg and beg people to accept Our Love and the reality of Our Presence with them, and ask them to call Us into action so We can set you Free, and then mankind does not respond? What think you is the Action of the Cosmic Law?

Mankind does not need to suffer unless it so chooses. The discord, the filth, and the destruction generated by mankind through one war after another has reached a momentum that would destroy the Earth itself, if it were not for the Love of the Higher Mental Body of each Life Stream and the Love of the Ascended Host.

And when that Love is the Sacred Fire before which every destructive force must be dissolved and consumed – and harmoniously, without suffering – We have offered and offered and offered, and now if the Cosmic Fiat has to go forth to shock mankind awake by the activities of Nature of which We are Master, the human beings of this world will want some Assistance!

Blessed Ones, We come to offer you, Our Love! We have offered you the Sacred Fire! Whenever you think of the Sacred Fire, remember also to remind yourself, It is the Purifying Love of either the “Mighty I AM Presence” or the Ascended Host. The Angelic Host are the Beings who concentrate It, who call It forth from the Physical Sun and the Great Central Sun.

We call It forth from Our Temples of the Sacred Fire in the Ascended Masters’ Octave. Those Temples of the Sacred Fire are the Cosmic Concentration and Momentum of Our Life’s Love that We have used down through the ages, to create one magnificent manifestation after another that cannot do anything but bless Life and raise It into greater Perfection.

If the rest of mankind won’t accept Our Presence and Our Reality, I come tonight to offer you again enough of the Sacred Fire’s Purifying Love to be your Security against the hordes of evil; if you will remember Us, if you will associate with Us, if you will dwell with Us, if you will call to Us, if you will accept Our Presence with you, and if you will use the Love of the Sacred Fire which We bring to compel the Purification that must and shall dissolve and consume, the hordes of evil mankind has created. So, if you accept Us, We will be present with you! (applause). Thank you so much.”

The Great Cosmic Angel

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