understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“How do you feel when you offer someone help and it is refused? Are you to blame then for what happens to the person whom you’re trying to help? We have offered and offered and offered! And every time any Ascended Master offers you Help – any of the Angelic Host, any of the Cosmic Beings – It is always the Sacred Fire of Our Love. And Our Love is Eternal Purity! Our Love is Indestructible Power! Our Love is Eternal Protection! Why mankind won’t reach up and accept It, call It into action, and let Us anchor It and concentrate It to remove these conditions, shows you just how enfolded mankind is in the destructive forces of its own selfishness!

Therefore, when We plead and plead with people, and offer and offer these Activities of the Sacred Fire that are Master over everything in this world, mankind must awaken to the fact that it is Our Purifying Love and Our Power of Life that must come into these conditions if evil is to be conquered, if evil is to be annihilated, if evil is to be prevented from desecrating any more Life in this world. So, the very survival of mankind on this Earth is dependent upon the Angelic Host!

When mankind, century after century, has destroyed and destroyed and destroyed the many Gifts that the Great Law of Life has permitted to become manifest in this world, and then becomes enslaved to the creation of selfishness and destruction, you can see how dead asleep is the consciousness of the mankind of this world who will not reach up and accept the Help We’ve offered – because from the beginning of mankind’s embodiment on this Earth, human beings in this world have been told repeatedly, age after age after age in every cycle, “Call unto Me, and I will answer thee.”

So now you are either going to have the Miracles of Our Sacred Fire Protecting Love or you won’t have the Protection! When I made that Statement, “If necessary, the Light of a Thousand Suns shall descend into the Earth, and dissolve and consume all human selfishness!”  That hour is now! You need It! And mankind won’t wake up and call for It; then you are helpless before the destructive forces the people of this world have generated through one war after another!

So tonight, I come to bring you release and relief, and to rescue you – if you care to accept Our Presence with you. (applause). Thank you so much. Won’t you be seated please, and just remain so.”

The Great Cosmic Angel

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