understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“If you will accept Our Nearness to you, We can come closer and closer into the outer activities of mankind, and release more Power to consume the evil that has been generated by mankind’s frightful hate and wars, and the desecration in the misuse of Life. When We come and offer Our Help to you, it is always the Sacred Fire Purifying Love of Our Life Streams to come in and around you, and hold enough Purity within and around you to be your Protection; for I assure you, there is no Protection for destructive forces. We cannot – We do not – the Sacred Fire never will protect that which is evil.

So, if you will dwell with Us, We will dwell with you! The more you think of Us, the more of Our Sacred Fire from Our Ascended Master Octave We can anchor in and around you as an Eternal Sun Presence from Our Ascended Master Octave, that becomes One with your Life Stream forever.

Therefore, in recognizing Our Presence, recognize the Sacred Fire that comes with Us to accomplish what is necessary to dispose of the hordes of evil – whether they be within and around you or in the atmosphere or conditions in which you move in the outer world; or whether they affect the city or the nation or the atmosphere of Earth, or anybody or anything in the rest of the world.

In the Great Cleansing Process that must take place everywhere throughout this city, the nation, and the world, there is only one Power that’s going to do it, and that is the Sacred Fire which the Angelic Host direct and sustain and control. So, when you want physical conditions to be controlled by that which is constructive, then flood those conditions with the Angelic Host’s Sacred Fire of whatever Power controls them.

If you’ll understand this tonight, you can start your Momentum by your constant recognition of the Angelic Host’s Legion of the Sacred Fire that overwhelm and control everything that is destructive in this world; if mankind will only reach up and call It into action so We may focus It into the physical conditions that you need. But if people ignore Us and will not accept this, and will not do what is necessary to open the way for Us to release the Sacred Fire, they will stay in their chains until they do.”

The Great Cosmic Angel

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