understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Blessed Ones of the Heart of Freedom, I come to bring you this night the Power of My Heart for your protection, and the Protection of all that is constructive everywhere. I wish to inform you that in the handling of conditions in this Nation and this world, in the Purification that must take place, the Angelic Host are those who draw that Power into the physical world for the cleansing of the Powers of Nature and Forces of Elements – as well as the cleansing of mankind, and the atmosphere itself.

So as you give more recognition to the Limitless, Unconquerable Legions of the Angelic Host, it will give Us the opening to draw into the physical conditions by which you are surrounded, more Activities of the Sacred Fire, because the Angelic Host are the Directors of that Sacred Fire. Those who are Ascended in the Angelic Host are those who concentrate It and direct It into various places on the Earth’s surface, to consume as rapidly as possible, the impurity and discord mankind has generated.

When We draw your attention to the Activities of the Angelic Host or the Ascended Host or the Cosmic Beings, it is always because We want to do something extra through you to bless you, to protect you, and to help you become Victorious.

And so now, the more you recognize the Visible, Tangible Presence of the Angelic Host with you, the closer We can come. The closer We come, the more We pour the Feeling of Our Own Hearts’ Flame into your emotional bodies. There is where the Purification must take place, and the Protection be anchored within and around your own Life Streams, to keep repelled from you the destructive forces in the atmosphere in which you must move.

So when We come to offer you Our Love, it is because We come to offer you Protection and Victory over the hordes of evil. The more you can recognize the Angels of the Sacred Fire and ask Their Presence with you to abide with you – and you accept Their Presence with you, and you call Their Sacred Fire into every condition with which you come in contact, to demand the Purification that sets the Earth Free – We can release Unlimited Power.

That is what you have been calling forth when you call forth the Master Power Presence of the Sacred Fire. But it must be concentrated and directed by Intelligent Beings who are Its Master, and that is what the Angelic Host are.”

The Great Cosmic Angel

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