understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You can be part of the Legions of Freedom to those Life Streams as well as Us. We can pour forth the Sacred Fire through you. Be unconcerned! Just call the Great Central Sun’s Legions of the Angels of Sacred Fire Love to pour Their Power without limit into those Life Streams, and force the awakening that takes them out of the clutches of the sinister force. There will be many, many, many Life Streams at this time that can be turned to the Light and that will bless you forever, because you were the Strength of the Light that drew them out of the shadows and into the Sacred Fire’s Love that is Immortal Freedom. This is the Freedom of your Beloved Saint Germain, because the Violet Consuming Flame’s Sacred Fire Love can be of such intensity the human cannot exist.

Beloved Ones, We have healed and healed and healed, but mankind needs to be healed with the Illumination that makes the individual within feel that he or she does not want to any longer create the shadows. It is to awaken these Life Streams from within, and allow the Desire from within to come into outer world conditions, and command that destructive forces shall forever cease existence.

When you know how many Healing Angels have enfolded mankind down through the ages, down through the centuries throughout the world wherever healing has taken place, you must realize that from an Ascended Master’s standpoint, that must someday come into the use of unascended beings; for they must be taught to use this Power to free the rest of humanity. And as that takes place, automatically you free yourselves!

So, the Healing Angels are the Angels of Freedom! The Healing Flame is the Sacred Fire Love! When you ask the Legions of the Healing Angels, the Angels of Sacred Fire Love, to clothe you in Their Miracle Mantle of the Cosmic Love’s Prevention of human creation wherever you abide – just as certainly as you make the Call – will you find the Fulfillment of that Call becoming a part of your own Life Stream. So, may you go forward and live in the Heart Realm of Life. I shall ever be close to you; for no part of Life can call to Me for Sacred Fire Love that I do not respond; for I will always respond, and with more than the individual knows exists.

It is Our Privilege, Our Way of Life, Our Divine Plan fulfilled that offers the Sacred Fire Love of Immortal Mastery over this world. Then Peace becomes Eternal, and you become the Manifestation of It and have the right and authority to command It to control conditions around you – and you are no longer subject to the discordant conditions that heretofore you have felt you could not overcome. You can overcome everything with this Power of the Sacred Fire Love, and the Angels of the Sacred Fire Love are the Guardians of all who want the constructive way of Life.

So, We leave you enfolded in the Great Cosmic Miracle Mantle of Eternal Power, the Sacred Fire Love and Healing Peace, and the Almighty Victory and Full Ascended Master Control of Manifestation, by that Sacred Fire Love that forever floods everything with Greater and Greater Perfection, and is Master for Eternity! I commend you to that Heart Flame, and may It forever teach you all that is in the Ascended Masters’ Octave, till you come to us for Eternity. Thank you with all My Heart.”

Beloved Mary

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