understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In the terrific experiences which were those of the Master Jesus and Myself and those who were with Us, if it had not been for that Sacred Fire Love, We could never have given the Example to the world of what it means to master the conditions of the physical octave, and to overcome mankind’s hatred. The more mankind generates discord, the more must those who understand this law call forth the Sacred Fire Love that is such Terrific Power of Immortal Purity, that as you demand It go into conditions that are destructive, demand without limit the great Central Sun’s Legions of the Angels of Sacred Fire Love that move into the physical conditions of this world that which, if need be, can silence on the instant everything of human discord.

And I assure you, when those Beings of the Sacred Fire Love who have never yet been embodied in the physical body – those beings are created by the Great Beings in the Great Central Sun especially to handle the Concentration of this Sacred Fire Love in Cosmic Power, that affects the whole system of worlds – and when They appear and that Power goes forth, nothing else can exist!

That is the Help We are offering you tonight! That is the Power, We ask you to use to offset mankind’s continual creation of impurity, discord, and hatred. Beloved Ones, the Powerhouse has been opened to your use! The Door is wide open into the Ascended Masters’ Octave! There are no more obstructions to those who know this Law. All We ask you to do is to use It now in outer physical conditions as powerfully as you can, that you may have that same Blessing within yourselves as you call It into physical conditions, to prevent what the sinister force intends.

As you enter into the continual use of this, We will not need to say anything more. Your own experiences will prove to you the joy it is to call It into this octave to correct the conditions that all mankind together cannot correct. Nothing can do away with mankind’s frightful creation of evil except the Angels of that Sacred Fire Love from the Great Central Sun, whose Power is without limit. Concentration of that Sacred Fire from Their own Blazing Hearts can forever handle everything mankind has created of discord. And yet They never enter into it! The Flame goes ahead, and nothing else can exist but Its Presence.

When you want Power without limit to handle physical conditions that are vicious, call forth the Legions of the Angels of Sacred Fire Love to reveal and use and show Their Power of Control of physical destructive conditions. When you call forth the Legions from the Great Central Sun of the Angels of Sacred Fire Love in such Overwhelming Power human creation cannot exist, be prepared to see the change take place that will awaken many of those at this time who are caught in the clutches of destructive forces, but who have Light enough to be made to turn to the constructive way of Life at this time.

This is the Purpose of My coming tonight, that I may bring Freedom to those Life Streams who have been caught in the toils of destructive forces, and yet, who know well enough that destructive conditions cannot succeed!”

Beloved Mary

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