Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 300

“Don’t misunderstand what the Great Ones have said, for I notice there is some of that. When They have intimated to you that certain activities could take place within a certain number of months, those activities would have taken place if the Harmony had been sufficient in your feelings; and if it were not, don’t you say the Great Ones were mistaken! Let us get at the cause of these things and analyze our feelings and correct them, so you may go forth now in Full Victory.

You see, from the Octave of Light, from the Ascended Masters’ Octave, these things are planned as a general idea of that which can be done and will be done, if conditions are complied with. That is why We can tell definitely – if sufficient Harmony is maintained in the feelings – when and how to do these things and give you the Full Confidence in your own Application.

Do not feel, Beloved Ones, that I am criticizing you in any way. I am just drawing your attention to these great Magnificent Laws and how you can fully cooperate with Them and have the quick, joyful, magnificent Blessing for which you are calling. I love you more than you love yourselves; and therefore, these things must be understood, so you may have the Full Joy and Blessing of all I give.

Please do not ever say, “Oh, why doesn’t it act?” Simply say, “Very well, if you have not acted yet, well, you are going to right now!” Then you will put more steam on, and get your results; but the moment you acknowledge that a thing is not acting as you would like it, or it has not been accomplished yet, you are just throwing – perhaps I should not use that expression, you will think I am undignified, but I do know something about machinery – you would just be throwing a monkey wrench in the machinery, (applause), and if you broke some of the cogs off of your gears, the gears might not shift readily. Then, you see, difficulty would ensue.

Therefore, Beloved Ones, feel how joyous We are to prompt you when the opportunity affords – and not only that, but at the same time give you the Strength, Courage, and Energy to surmount your problems and stop those things. That is what We want to do. What do the mistakes matter, so long as you are determined to rise out of them and conquer them! No one is condemned for making a mistake, but he would be condemned, if he did not try to correct it and get out of it. I mean, he would condemn himself.” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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