understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We want you to feel the Presence of the Sacred Fire Angels of such Sacred Fire Love, that even when you just think of Them and ask Their Presence to pour that Flame of Love into a condition to purify it, you will become aware of Their Presence because you can feel Their Presence. When you love Them, Their Love comes back to you to make you feel It. And it’s in your feeling world that this Magnificent Sacred Fire Power from the Heart of the Central Sun, moves into outer physical conditions, and consumes everything in its pathway that is not that Love.

And oh, of mankind – if individuals would only learn what Miracles they can have, what Powers they can release, what Manifestations they can produce, what Help they can give to the rest of Life, just by calling the Sacred Fire Love from the Cosmic Angels of Sacred Fire Love, into those conditions – and forbid the existence of human creation!

We want so much to have you use this Power, so as We come and bring you Its Explanation, you will begin to feel the Peace which It brings inside of you. When the Angels of Sacred Fire Love begin to pour into you Their Feeling of Peace and Power and Silence of Their Hearts’ Love, Their Life and Their Perfection, I assure you, you will feel It! As you continue to accept It, remember It, use it, call It into outer world conditions, It becomes a Light around you; and then you will see It. When that Light begins to come around you, you will see those Angels.

There is nothing in the Ascended Masters’ Octave that is any substance that can shut out Their Presence, and when you begin to feel the Heart Flames of the Angels of Sacred Fire Love pour Their Feeling into you, as you feel It and love It, accept and ask your “Beloved I AM Presence”, and Them, to hold that Feeling within you forever.

Their Sacred Hearts’ Flame of that Love will consume the human in you, just the same as It will in outer world conditions. And My Dear Ones, the world doesn’t need anything, but that Sacred Fire Love!”

Beloved Mary

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