understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“It is worth every effort you could ever make to understand this Law and realize how Eternal is the Ever-Expanding Sacred Fire Love’s Perfection of Life! If We did not understand the Eternal Law concerning Manifestation, it would be very difficult to watch mankind go on century after century in the denial of the Perfection that everywhere in Infinite Space reveals this Law. There is no excuse for any human being on this Earth being either an atheist or battling the Great Perfection of Life.

Whole systems of worlds – galaxies of systems of worlds – are ever holding Divine Order and Balance in Infinite Space and ever giving their Light to the Universe around them. There is no excuse for mankind’s lack of understanding of the magnitude of Life, Its Limitless Blessings, and Its Activity of Ever-Creating, Expanding Perfection that cannot produce discord anywhere in creation. Unascended beings can understand this if they want to!

So, to you I come tonight and offer the Love of My own Hearts Flame to be the Fulfillment of the Fiat I issued for the Fulfillment of the Destiny of this Nation, and to release the Power by which that Destiny becomes manifest. When benighted individuals in other parts of the world think they’re going to either destroy or desecrate this Nation that is the Heart of the World, they are badly mistaken! (applause). Thank you so much, Precious Ones. Won’t you be seated please, and just remain so.

I just happen to be one of the Guardians of this Nation, and if unascended beings think they’re going to destroy or desecrate the handiwork of Cosmic Beings who have created this Nation, created the world, and placed the Blessings of Life upon It, then individuals must be shocked awake by their own creation. And human creation is perfectly capable of awakening the consciousness of an individual who is bound in the darkness of selfishness, and wishes to impose its discord upon other Life Streams.

So, it would pay everybody to be invincibly, eternally honest with the Fiery Truth of the Great Heart Flame of Life that produces only Perfection, sustains It for Eternity, expands It without limit, and is the Master Hand of Creation through individual Life Streams, who are using the Life of the Universe.”

The Great Cosmic Angel

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