understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Ever-Expanding Perfection of Life is carried on continually by the Expansion of the Light from within the Heart. The Expansion of the Light from within the Sevenfold Flame in the forehead of the individual goes forth into the mental and feeling world of a mass of the people, carrying the Consciousness of the Seven Mighty Elohim and Their Constructive Ideas and Ways and Means of creating – producing Perfection in the physical octave without strain nor struggle.

The only thing that makes strain, struggle, or limitation is the discord in the feeling. If there be discord in the picture in the mind, it always remains in the mental realm until the energy in the feeling world concentrates upon that picture and condenses until it becomes substance. Then that becomes a thing manifest.

The Angelic Host are continually pouring the Energy of Their Love, the Energy of Their Life, in and around anybody and anything that will remain harmonious enough to let It come in, flow through the individual, produce Perfection, and expand through the individual to flow on Its Way to produce more Perfection in the world around you.

Now I wish you to understand how limitless is life, and how magnificent is the Great Plan of Ever-Expanding Perfection to all Life everywhere. Suppose you need some Assistance from your “Beloved I AM Presence” and the Ascended Host. You make the Call. The Heart Flame of your Higher Mental Body floods through this outer self, producing Harmony, Purity, and the Patterns of Perfection into your outer self; and then that acts through you to create certain things in the physical world. But the Heart Flame continues to flow on until It fills the world with that same Perfection also. And then It continues to flow until It produces similar Perfection in the system.

There is no stopping and no end to the Expansion of the Perfection that comes from within the Heart Flame of the Sacred Fire’s Life of the individual, and that’s something to study! That’s a concept mankind needs to understand! That is the Infinite Power of the Life of the Universe; and that is what sustains a world or a system of worlds in Its Great Cosmic Action and Fulfillment of the Divine Plan, till everything becomes Self-Luminous and pours its Light of the Love of Life into the Infinite Space around the planet or the system. And It goes on and on and on, ever-expanding Its Blessing and Perfection to Life wherever It goes in Infinite Space.

Thus, you have the Infinite, Eternal, Ever-Expanding Presence of Perfection without limit, Mastery without limit, Happiness without limit, and the Ever-Raising, Illumining Power that raises all into the Ascension, wherein Creation goes on in every greater and greater Magnificent Manifestation – with never a discord to be experienced again.”

The Great Cosmic Angel

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