understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“So now, when you think of that Beloved Violet Consuming Flame, send your Love always to the Cosmic Legions of the Cosmic Angels who are the Cosmic Guard of this planet and the manifestation upon it; and ask Their Master Power of Their Love enfold you in whatever intensity of that Violet Consuming Flame They know will control conditions in which you move, and prevent anything else touching you.

So I come to help you establish this; and I shall be ready to assist in any way I can, if you will remember to do It – if you call It into action, if you command It to be sustained, and if you remember to send those Cosmic Beings, those Blessed Angels, your Love to enable Them to fulfill the Great Divine Plan.

I enfold you in the Master Power of the Violet Consuming Flame’s Love which the Cosmic Angels direct to control manifestation everywhere about you, to enfold you in Their Victory, and to keep you from feeling the disturbance and the distress in the outer world.

May you dwell within the Peace of Their Hearts, in the Love of Their Power, and in the Victory of Their Sacred Fire Presence; and call Them into the lower physical atmosphere of Earth to render that Service which They alone can give, which the world needs, and which brings the Victorious Control of outer world conditions everywhere at your Command. And We shall never be found wanting! So I offer you more Protection, that you may help to control the physical conditions in this world to prevent the discord that otherwise will manifest.

So, with My Own Heart’s Flame of the Love for that Violet Consuming Flame, I offer you Its Master Presence to enfold you, to protect you, to illumine you, to make you Victorious, to ever abide with you as an eternal part of your own Life’s Flame, and the outer self be held within Its Glorifying, Victorious Power forever. Thank you with all My Heart.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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