understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“This use of the Violet Consuming Flame’s Master Power of the Control of manifestation will, I’m sure, bring you very great Joy. Just acknowledge It. Ask your “Beloved I AM Presence”, and the Mighty Saint Germain to fill you with It as They use It. Then call the Cosmic Angels of the Violet Consuming Flame’s Master Power to blaze in and around you, and keep on blazing Their Hearts’ Love of the Control of all manifestation – Their Hearts’ Master Power of Violet Consuming Flame’s Immortal Protection around you and around everything you use, around everybody you contact, until you become so blazing with the Concentration of that Power that that which is of discord cannot come near you.

Therefore, you are increasing your Protection as you render service in the outer world that sometimes will hold your attention and use your energy when you’re busy doing something; and yet the Violet Consuming Flame’s Master Power that you have gathered as a Momentum, stands ever your Guard, and the Angelic Host abide with you until your service is rendered.

You only need to try it a few times. When you start out in your day’s activities or you go to sleep at night or sometimes in the midst of something else, just ask a Sun Presence of the Master Power of the Violet Flame Love from the Cosmic Angels, to flow in and around you and be established there permanently. Just try it!

You don’t need to ask for any particular thing. Just ask that it be established as a Sun Presence around you and become eternally at One with your Life Stream, forever expands, but is the Controlling Master Power by the Violet Consuming Flame’s Love, that rules manifestation. This is what you want if you are going to prevent the destructive activities of physical conditions in the physical world.

And if you should care to call forth the Cosmic Legions of the Violet Consuming Flame’s Great Angelic Host of such Master Power, such Concentration of that Violet Consuming Flame as shall make the Earth tremble, you can have that drawn around you to make everything obey the Love that is its Master. And that can be done! It has been done, and sometimes it’s necessary to do it in order to shake mankind awake to the place where it forces destructive forces to be seized and bound, to prevent the evil they intend.

If I were you, I would ask this Nation be filled with the Master Power of the Violet Consuming Flame’s terrific Sacred Fire Control of all manifestation within your Land, and then call the Limitless Cosmic Legions of the Angels of the Violet Flame, to come in and be the Rulers and the Controllers of all action in the physical world within your Nation. And you will never have cause to regret It. Never! I’m giving you something that you can use, you need, and that is absolutely infallible in Its Control of conditions of the outer world, as they exist today. (applause). Thank you so much Precious Ones.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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