understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“If you will demand that your world manifest as a Violet Flaming Sun Presence of the Master Control, the Ascended Masters’ Sacred Fire Control of Manifestation, My Dear Ones, you have no idea, if you will call this into action – call the Angels of the Violet Flame to be the Master Control around your automobiles, around everybody and everything you contact, around everything in which you must move – you will find the sinister force cannot connect with you or produce the conditions that either become your problems, or sometimes your destruction. And there is nothing you need more right now than the continual, Ever-Expanding Protection of the Sacred Fire – of which the violet Consuming Flame is one Activity.

If I were you, moving as you have to in the outer world among discordant conditions that are produced by other individuals, you do not necessarily need to contact those conditions if your own world is insulated in the Master Presence of the Violet Consuming Flame’s Invincible Control of Manifestation by the Violet Flame Angels’ Sacred Fire Love.

If I were you, I would charge every automobile that you have, every means of conveyance – if you’re on an airplane, if you’re in a train, if you’re moving in automobiles or buses anywhere, anything that you’re doing in motion in the physical world – get in the habit of demanding the Violet Flame Angels’ Master Power and Master Presence of Eternal Control of that manifestation. Then that can never affect you discordantly.

But if you do not sustain It, call for It as Eternal Control, you might control it one day, and if your attention is off of it and you’re not keeping the attention on the “Presence” or the Violet Flame, the next day, if you’re unaware of this Enfolding Violet Flame Master Power, or you become irritated, you can again connect with destructive forces.

But if you make this a habit of feeling and seeing, moving within, and using the Master Power of the Violet Consuming Flame’s Control of all manifestation, your very awareness of that and your Love to the Angels of the Violet Flame, can be for you an Invincible Protection until you stand Ascended and Free. That can be your world of experience, It can be your world’s control of other manifestations in this world. It can be your world’s control of things that affect you.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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