understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I would deeply appreciate your calling forth the Master Power of the Violet Consuming Flame which the Cosmic Angels of Its Presence concentrate into physical conditions to hold greater Control over disturbing elements. This is just as if you wielded a searchlight, and you sent it anywhere that you wanted to observe things that you wanted to use. As you call forth the Cosmic Angels of the Violet Flame Master Power into any physical condition to produce the Violet Consuming Flame’s Perfection there, demand that It be established as an Eternal Manifestation in and around yourselves, or in conditions with which you are concerned.

Whatever you call forth, call forth the Eternal Manifestations of the Violet Consuming Flame’s Master Power to control the physical manifested Universe. This, if you already had a Momentum of this around you, would control the storm, would control the waves, would control the wind, and would control many physical conditions around you in which you move every day, and do not realize how much they impose their discord upon you. This has many almost Infinite Blessings that are the most practical thing you can ever use of Life’s Powers – the most practical Powers of Life that you can use to control physical conditions in which you move and must live.

You have the sinister force mass accumulation of discord trying to rule this, that, and the other thing, and trying to bring forth more and more destruction – directed by human beings! We want to train you to direct the Master Power and the Master Powers of the Angels of the Violet Consuming Flame’s Almighty Miracle Manifestations into the world around you, to fill your world with that which the outer world cannot give you. (applause). Thank you so much. Won’t you be seated, please.”

Now, if you care to demand that everything in your being and world be filled with now, the Miracle Manifestations of the Violet Consuming Flame’s Master Power that hold in and around you, the Gifts and the Activities and the Blessings of the Violet Flame Angels – some of those are Ascended Beings, some are not – but if you will demand that your world be peopled with those Beings of the Violet Consuming Flame who are the Master Control of manifestation in this world, wherever They go, They will control the manifestation in which you move. They are Masters of It by the Sacred Fire. Now I’m not intruding into the Mighty Saint Germain’s Domain by any means, but We all are in the Realm of the Violet Consuming Flame, and We all direct It because of its Miracle Cosmic Action, to control manifestation.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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