understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Great Beings who have created this world built a beautiful world, manifested for two million years everything of Beauty and Perfection and Harmony – not one bit of discord. Mankind’s needs were precipitated from the atmosphere, and that was the Original Divine Way to live Life, till mankind’s attention wandered to the creation and was held there instead of remembering the Divine Pattern and the Divine Beings who had given all. From now on We must reverse what mankind has done, because We are in the Cycle of the Violet Consuming Flame wherein you are all authority – and so is the Violet Consuming Flame – to put an end to mankind’s evil.

And so, when you call forth the Great Central Sun’s Cosmic Concentration of the Violet Consuming Flame’s All-Purifying Sacred Fire Love that compels the prevention of all evil; and you demand the Ascended Masters’ Heaven on Earth to manifest here as It did in the two first Golden Ages, wherever you abide, your experiences will be those of Our World. You will live, move, and have your beings in Our World of Permanent Harmony, Victorious Accomplishment, and Invincible Freedom from the distress that has tortured you through the centuries.

But you must command! You must take your stand! You must decide, and you must day after day demand your being and world blasted free forever from all connection with human discord or human creation of any kind. We cannot do that for you. We can pour Our Love and pour the Violet Flame, but you are the authority by your own Free Will, to command what must be manifested where you abide.”

Beloved Mighty Victory

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