understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When you Call our Heaven on Earth into physical manifestations in this world, it doesn’t make any difference what changes take place in the future, nothing can contaminate Our Heaven if We lower It into this octave. So, It’s the only Eternal Safety that you have! It’s the only Eternal Protection that you have! It’s the only Eternal Mastery that you have.

It is not idly, I assure you, that We’ve been turning your attention to the use of the Ascended Masters’ Heaven made physically manifest on Earth. We must begin to build this Perfection into this world, and then expand It as We keep calling forth the consuming of all the mistakes of the past. Every time you consume destructive etheric records or anything that is mankind’s miscreation, if you do not immediately replace it by Our Immortal Heaven on Earth, Invincible against all wrong forever; if you do not place It there, then more human creation can come in and occupy the place where the human creation had caused such discord.

So, when you speak of the Ascended Masters’ Divine Plan Fulfilled Their Way, that always manifests Their Invincible Heaven on Earth, you can just as well call this into outer physical conditions to purify everything – bring all into Divine Order. You can balance everything; you can hold Protection for what is constructive, and if you don’t bring this here, then human creation will flow in again, and again create discord.

So Blessed ones, We are the only permanent correction of the conditions in this world that mankind has built, which are so vicious and so frightfully destructive. And no matter how destructive they are or how vicious, when you call forth the Great Central Sun’s Cosmic Christ Blue Lightning Purity that annihilates their viciousness out of the Universe for Eternity, It can strike! And when It strikes, It eats up the viciousness – compels its annihilation.

But then as soon as that Purification takes place, replace it by the Ascended Masters’ Divine Plan Fulfilled Their Way, the Ascended Masters’ Heaven of Earth Immortality Victorious over all human creation, and Immortally Free from anything that mankind would do in the future that would create discord. You must keep on commanding until everything is purified, and the world rebuilt into the original Perfection that was here before mankind manifested or embodied here.”

Beloved Mighty Victory

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