understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The appearance world does not tell you the Truth, does not show you the energy that is gathered at the Inner Level, and does not reveal the Light that is that which is constructive in every condition. Whenever there is anything constructive in any situation, that constructive energy is luminous from Our standpoint at the Inner level; and people of the outer world cannot see that. That’s why they do not judge correctly. When in handling situations of the outer world, they see only the appearance, and the appearance is changing so constantly that they cannot adequately approximate what is in a condition unless they were to see it from the Inner standpoint as We do.

But since it is not necessary for you to see everything from the Inner standpoint as We do, at least not at this time, as you call forth whatever Cosmic Christ Blue Lightning Purity is necessary into any condition in the physical world, to force the Purification that compels the Victory of whatever is right to take place now in all outer physical conditions, so long as you demand the Immortal Victory of all that is right into outer world conditions.

Then We can charge in and around you whatever We know is right for you, to make you the Strength and the Power and the Victory of the Light that enables you to go forward and accomplish Miracles and Victories without limit – because you have drawn this into outer world conditions, and It must of necessity give you some of Itself. The Cosmic Law of giving is very wonderful! It’s the Expanding Power of Life everywhere. Otherwise, you would have no Expansion of Perfection.

So when conditions are not right in the outer, don’t hesitate to just call whatever – if need be – World-enfolding Oceans of the Cosmic Christ Blue Lightning Purity necessary to prevent all evil, and replace it by whatever the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings know this world requires at this time, to hold the Victory and the Protection of all that is constructive, and to be the Invincible Prevention of all that is of evil. We cannot and do not draw into this world anything except Our Sacred Fire All-Purifying Love that wherever It goes, automatically prevents all wrong.

If people understood how to wrap themselves in Our World, Our Heart World of Sacred Fire Love from Venus, and blaze without reservation the Power of Our Invincible Heaven on Earth, Our Divine Plan Fulfilled Our Way that, just as It breathes into outer conditions, automatically dissolves and consumes and repels anything that is not the Purity of Our Sacred Fire Love!

You will never know till your Ascension how important it is to call forth the “Beloved I AM Presence” and the Ascended Host, the Cosmic Beings’ Cosmic Concentration of all the Sacred Fire Love necessary to purify the Earth, to prevent the existence of all wrong, and to bring into Manifestation in this world the Ascended Masters’ Divine Plan fulfilled Their Way, the Ascended Masters’ Heaven on Earth that is for Eternity Invincible, against all wrong.”

Beloved Mighty Victory

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