understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones of My Heart, in coming into the atmosphere of Earth to bring you Our Life Flame of Victory, I hope you’ll understand that whatever We draw into this world must of necessity be the Sacred Fire Love of Our Life from the Ascended Masters’ Octave. Therefore, We cannot bring into outer physical conditions, anything but the Sacred Fire Purity of Our Love that produces Victory.

So, when outer world conditions become discordant and chaotic, then as you call forth the All-Purifying Christ into all physical conditions of this world, follow always the acceptance and Release of all the Sacred Fire Love from Venus that compels Victory into everything that is constructive in manifestation in this world, compels Victory and the Protection of that Victory around all who are trying to hold to the Light at this time, who are trying to be constructive, and who desire to be constructive.

Now as you do this, you make yourselves the open door to which We can pour through you, to those conditions that are constructive, the Sacred Fire Love from Our Octave that will strengthen and protect everything that is constructive in every Life Stream – or things that are being created in this world.

Try to realize that whenever you call forth Our Victory into this world, It is the Release of the Sacred Fire of our Life, Our Purity. So, as you call this into outer world conditions, automatically We must pour the same thing in and around you because you have called! You make yourselves an open door for Us to fill you with Our Life, the Victory of Our Life, the Victory of our Sacred Fire Love. The more you call these conditions – the Cosmic Concentration of the various Activities of the Cosmic Christ – in outer world conditions, the more there must come in and around you the Ever-expanding World of our Life, of our Victory, of our Love’s Sacred Fire.

So, you cannot give this Protection to that which is constructive in the outer world without automatically having that Protection come in and around yourselves. So the most wonderful way to expand the Power of your own Protection is to keep calling forth into outer world conditions to protect everything that is constructive, and to prevent anything that’s not constructive existing. It doesn’t make any difference whether you see the reason for it or not. In outer world conditions, no one from the appearance standpoint can judge what conditions are constructive, and what are not.”

Beloved Mighty Victory

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