understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“So, Blessed Ones, go forward and be the Great Central Sun Magnet’s Feeling of Love to Life that demands it be cut free from everything that is destructive, and that every Life Stream be forced to awaken, and of its own Free Will turn to the constructive way of life and give the obedience by which all human creation can be consumed forever. Then as you live in the World of the Sun Presence of Our Sacred Fire Love, Forgiveness, and Mercy to Life, you will understand why the Violet Consuming Flame is the Royal Authority and Power of the rulers of the world.

Your Mighty Saint Germain has poured this Love throughout the ages. Now His Family of Violet Flame Freedom I shall ever guard, and offer every possible Assistance until you all are willing to do this. And in that will come the Fulfillment of His Heart’s Desire for the Purification and Freedom of the Nation of His Heart – the Heart of the World – and all Life is compelled to turn away from the hordes of evil until they are consumed, and Life Streams awakening go forward in the Obedience that does manifest Perfection here that is the Ascension for all, not only individuals, but the Powers of Nature, your Nation, the world, and all upon it. And it is well worth every effort of your Life to make this Call! And your loved ones will be the beneficiaries, as well as the world.

So, the Angels of Love and Mercy and Forgiveness, are the Angels of the Violet Consuming Flame. They are the Angels from the Healing Temples of the Sacred Fire. They are the Sacred Fire Angels of Eternal Purity. And all are so willing and so ready to send forth, on your slightest Call, this Power Flame of the Sacred Fire’s Love, Forgiveness, and Mercy to Life, and demand Purity in this world, until there are no more shadows to cast discredit upon the Glory of the “Mighty I AM Presence”, or cause distress to Life.

So let Us all live, that all suffering in all Life may now be consumed in the Sacred Fire’s Violet Flame Love, Forgiveness, and Mercy to Life, and the Purity of Eternity come in now and be the only Healing Presence to the people of America and the World. And your loved ones shall one day stand with you in the Love and Gratitude of that Freedom, and Love will have claimed Its own into the Freedom of Eternity.

May you go forward and never forget this night, and never forget to call for all the Sacred Fire necessary to consume all mankind’s human creation everywhere, as soon as possible. I commend you to the Greatest Happiness you will ever know as you set this into action, and see It force destructive forces into annihilation, and Life Streams thank you for Eternity for the Love of your Life, which has opened the Door to their Freedom. Thank you with all My Heart.”

Beloved Lady Master Nada

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