understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When you understand what’s in the atmosphere of Earth, you will know how much individuals in this world must have this, if the mass accumulation of hatred is to prevent the destructive forces accomplishing their vicious ends. Only the Sacred Fire from the Great Central Sun contains the Power of Love, Forgiveness, and Mercy, that consumes the human creation and disconnects the outer self from the mass pressure of the centuries!

So tonight, as you join with Us and release now the Sacred Fire Love that demands the Freedom of all Life from all mankind’s discord of the centuries, then when you say, “Save all – and ‘all’ contains my loved ones!”, then the Cosmic Law would have to answer you, will have to save your loved ones, will have to give Assistance. Whether those Life Streams are embodied or disembodied matters not. The Love, Forgiveness, and Mercy of the Sacred Fire would have to flow in and around those Life Streams with whom you have been connected, and whose future you want to be the Victory of the Ascension.

So, when you call for the Ascension of all Life everywhere in this world, and you demand whatever Great Central Sun’s Sacred Fire Love, Forgiveness, and Mercy to Life, whatever Power of that Sacred Fire consumes human feeling, you have rendered a Service far beyond what you can understand tonight. And if you will, say to the Great Cosmic Law, “Save my loved ones, and I will render Service to Life until all Life is purified, Ascended, and Free!” And then the Cosmic Law can give you Miracles and Victories that you do not even dream could be accomplished in this life, even through those who at the present time seem caught in the clutches of destructive forces, from which they cannot be free at the present moment.

This is sometimes referred to in religious channels as the vicarious atonement. It is not that. It is just obedience to the Great Law of Cause and Effect – that if you are interested in the Purification of all Life, that all beings may have the Ascension – then your loved one is included in all, and must of necessity receive the sixty percent, that is in your world. And your one wave of Love can be the Scepter of Power that determines the destiny of those who seem caught in the shadows, but who can be rescued by the Sacred Fire Love of Forgiveness and Mercy, and Violet Flame Purification.”

Beloved Lady Master Nada

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