understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“If you wish to become some of the Legions of Love – of the Sacred Fire’s Love, Forgiveness, and Mercy to Life – We can move you into certain conditions, and while you are occupied with something that’s constructive, there can flood forth in and around you Great Oceans, if need be, of the Sacred Fire from Our Octave, from Our Great Temples of the Sacred Fire, and from the Physical Sun, and the Great Central Sun.

There can flow Great Streams, Great Oceans of the Sacred Fire’s Purifying Love, Forgiveness, and Mercy to Life that will soften the feeling of masses of the people, and will consume the pressure upon the emotional bodies of the people, to the point where there can be released the desire from the Heart to go forward and hold to that which is constructive.

This is the reason the Mighty Saint Germain said that in this immediate activity of the present century, as more of this Violet Consuming Flame comes into outer world activities, many Life Streams whom you thought could not and would not turn to the Light at this time – because of the accumulation of discord of the past – many of those Life Streams will awaken and suddenly decide to do the constructive thing, and will surprise themselves and others also! So, you never can tell except through the Assistance of an Ascended Being what is in the Causal Body of the individual which suddenly can release the Strength of Its Light into the outer self, to turn that one away from the clutches of destructive conditions.

The Mighty Saint Germain told these Messengers some years ago that in dealing with individuals – when from the outer self it seemed the individual would not do right – He has given opportunity again and again and again to help the individual do right, until He has exhausted the opportunities for the individual to turn back to the constructive way of Life, and receive the added Strength of the Light from the Causal Body, and draw It into outer physical conditions to balance the Life Stream, and make it strong enough to go forward on the constructive way of life.

This is the way We balance forces from the Inner Level, and no one can tell except an Ascended Being how much Light is in the Causal Body. But every wave of Love, Pure Christ Love, that you send to any part of Life is the release of the Sacred Fire and Cosmic Christ Substance of Eternal Light, because Pure Christ Love is Immortal. It is the Immortal Flame of your own “Beloved I AM Presence” and the Ascended Host.

Therefore, when you call this forth into outer conditions to force mankind to awaken and turn away from the destructive forces that seek to engulf them, you may render service, My Dear Ones, that will bless thousands of Life Streams for all centuries to come!

Beloved Lady Master Nada

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