understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When you begin with the Great Central Sun’s Cosmic Power, and Sun Presence of the Sacred Fire’s Healing Flame of Love, Forgiveness and Mercy, as you maintain this by Conscious Command – that It go forth and consume all substance and all disease and all feeling that holds mankind bound in the destructive conditions of ill health and poverty and distress of every kind – do not fail, if you need this Assistance yourselves, or if you need and desire to call It forth into outer physical conditions; not only in healing channels, but in many activities of mankind, where Love, Mercy, and Forgiveness are needed in the physical octave of Life, to salvage one Life Stream after another, and take it out of the clutches of the destructive forces, that have sought to desecrate it and destroy it.

The need of this world for Love, Forgiveness, and Mercy is very grave, and permanent Peace cannot come to the Earth until this Love, Mercy, and Forgiveness has entered in. This Sacred Fire Purifying Love must come into the energy of the emotional body of every individual, if there is to be enough Light in the physical world to strengthen the constructive impulses in individuals, to hold Peace.

All the turmoil that is in the various parts of the world tonight is the generation of discord – discordant feeling not only just over the last few years; the mass accumulation has been gathering since the sinking of Atlantis, which is fourteen thousand years ago. This is a mass accumulation of mankind’s hard feeling.

So, from tonight, whenever you see things that are wrong in the outer world, just call the Great Central Sun’s Cosmic Legions of the Angelic Host’s Sacred Fire Consuming Love, Forgiveness, and Mercy, that goes directly into the emotional body, into the feeling world of individuals and all Life, even into the animal life, and forces the consuming! This Cosmic Flame of Sacred Fire Love, Forgiveness, and Mercy to Life, entering into the energy of the feeling world, goes into it and consumes the hard feeling.

Now We enter into the use of the Law of Forgiveness. And My Dear Ones, you not only must forgive mankind’s miscreation of this world, you must forgive your own. Who else can forgive it? Who else can give you the Violet Consuming Flame to act within yourselves but your own “Beloved I AM Presence” and the Ascended Host! Mankind cannot do it.”

Beloved Lady Master Nada

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