understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“If you want to understand something of what the Activities from the Jade Temple are, then ask your “Beloved I AM Presence” and Me, to charge you with what We know that activity of Life can bring to this world to help you, and to understand what the greater Life has placed in Our Temple of Jade to bring forth here Its Blessings of Eternal, Expanding Power, and Perfection.

Blessed Ones, these Gifts are in the Universe! They are the natural Action of Life! They are as free as the air you breathe, but They come under Obedience to the Law. Those who will place their attention upon Our Activities, ask for the Illumination, and cooperate by keeping the Harmony and Purity in the outer self, can open the floodgates to supply that you could not use in a thousand years!

We are a part of the supply of the Blessings to Life in this world! We are part of the Divine Plan by which Blessings are supplied to the people of this world. These greater Perfect Activities and the Blessings of the greater Perfection in Our Temples of the Sacred Fire are provided by Life to arouse mankind to a desire to do something greater and better, and to understand more of the Infinite Universe by which individuals are surrounded.

You may have everything We have – and know all We know – when you maintain Purity in the outer, and Obedience, which is Harmony, use your Violet Flame and send the Adoration of Love to your “Presence” and to Us. Your Mighty Saint Germain told you there is no barrier anywhere in the Universe to Pure Divine Love, because It is the Sacred Fire that can burn Its Way through everything and produce the Perfection that ever transmutes everything in existence into something greater and better – that releases more Happiness and more Freedom to Life, wherever It is called into existence.

So, Beloved Ones, the Angelic Host’s Blessing to mankind is without limit. I could go on almost indefinitely and describe some of the Greater Activities of the Angelic Host, but if you will use what We have given, then as you are ready for more, We will give more! But there is no use in giving more than you can understand or use at the present time. And you only know as much as you are! You do not know in your feeling anything except what you are.

So, if you are to learn what Our Magnificent Blessings to Life are, then you must become Them. Then you understand Them, and They automatically will teach you inside of yourselves what the Powers are within those Blessings, when you use Them.”

Beloved Angel Deva Of The Jade Temple

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