understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The condition on which We can flood everything good to you, is that you are concerned with the pouring forth of everything good to the rest of Life, so that you are a channel for Our Greater Good to come in and bless you. You are an open door and a channel for your greater Good to flow onto those you contact. This is a continual giving of Greater Light from Our Octave, the Greater Activities of the Sacred Fire, and the Greater Power by which the life in individuals is raised to the place where the individual can make conscious effort to the Ascension.

While there is very great enjoyment in using all the Powers of your own individual Life Streams in your outer activities, yet the most necessary and the greatest Accomplishment that individuals can attain is to consciously understand the Ascension is the purpose of physical embodiment. To make effort towards the Ascension is not only opening the Door to Eternal happiness, but it is the Attainment of those Powers that make you Master over the manifestations in this world and other worlds.

The Mighty Outpouring from the Jade Temple is also the Direction into the substance of this world – and through the consciousness of mankind – of a certain vibratory action of certain colors. These colors have definite effect within the feeling world and the consciousness of the individuals to whom they are directed. Since the balance is required in the physical octave to keep you insulated against destructive forces, the most necessary thing for mankind to understand is to call forth into the outer self, the Activities of the Sacred Fire of Eternal Purity.

So, when We’ve sent forth a Light Ray of a certain color to pour forth into a locality or an individual or some activity of mankind, that which We give is to establish permanently the vibratory action of that particular quality and constructive activity that strengthens everything within the Life Stream that enables Perfection to manifest.

So, it is the Light We give, the Love We give. The Sacred Fire We give is the Sustaining Life from Our Temples of the Sacred Fire to the bodies of mankind, to the activities of the individual; to establish in this world the greater Blessing and Perfection and Power to produce Perfection from Our World that gradually closes the door against mankind’s, not only mistakes of the past, but mankind’s creation of that which is not perfect.

So, the Temples of the Sacred Fire in the Electronic Belts around the Physical Sun and the Great Central Sun are the individual Powerhouses, so to speak, of the Ascended Masters or Cosmic Beings who have taken the responsibility of directing to this world what is needed here to shut off mankind’s further creation or destruction, and to begin to build here that which will be the Permanent Blessing of the future.”

Beloved Angel Deva Of The Jade Temple

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