Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 268

“Never say to an individual, Beloved Students or Group Leaders, “I do not think you are ready!” Don’t do that! You cannot tell! Outwardly you don’t know! Individuals who sometimes seem so very timid and almost helpless in the outer, have a very great Expansion of the Light! So never say to anyone, “You are not ready for this Light.”

Beloved Ones, I have taken so-called drunkards who were wallowing in the alleys of your cities, and have stood beside them, and by the Projection of a Light Ray from My Heart and My Hand, have dissolved and consumed within ten minutes, the seething vortex of accumulation which had placed those human forms in that condition. I tell you, Beloved Ones, you could not imagine the so-called Miracles which are performed by the thousands every month upon your Earth, of which the outer world never hears.

Let Me tell you, the Power of Light and those Mighty Light Rays, once understood – are Freedom to every human being who exists! You can call your “I AM Presence” to project one of those Light Rays – which is Self-Luminous, Intelligent Substance – to a person, place, or condition, and hold it there sustained; and the result is as certain as you breathe a breath from one moment to another. Feel that! And please contemplate it, until you gain the Full Conscious Victory of it in your feeling!

Then, when you call those Mighty Light Rays to render you a Service, you will find after a little experience, there will come instantaneous Action at your Call. We want you to come into this Full Feeling so you do not have to wait, as was the old idea in metaphysical teachings – that you had to go through a certain period of growth, or you had to bring yourself up to a certain point of Understanding.

The only waiting which is required is for you to determine that you will establish Complete Harmony within your feelings. Then there will not be another moment’s waiting for anything which the Perfection of Life holds for you, and which It will bring forth at your Call.” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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